Regional Credit Services
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•  Our approach to collections
Our approach to collections is to provide the debtor with every opportunity to resolve the accounts in a timely manner, whether by payment in full or by payment arrangements. Recognizing we represent our clients in the community, we are professional and treat the debtor with the utmost respect in a business-like manner. We feel it is in everyone's best interest to first take a "friendly, second chance approach" when first contacting the debtor and to remain firm but fair. This collection philosophy has proven to limit complaints and generate return business for our clients in many cases. If the debtor refuses to acknowledge their responsibility to pay, or we do not receive the desired cooperation, the debtor will face serious consequences including derogatory credit reporting and possible litigation.

Immediately upon assignment of an account for collection, the account is entered in our automated collection system. A notification of account placement letter is mailed to the debtor informing them that the account is in collections and advises them of their rights and responsibilities. The account is then placed with a professional telephone collector for contact to resolve the account. Our automated collection system assures that the account is followed up in a thorough and systematic manner with telephone calls and letters. Our Collection Supervisor regularly reviews the collector queues to assure that appropriate actions are taken for each account. To ensure compliance by the debtor promises to pay and monthly payment arrangements are closely monitored. We provide the debtor the option to pay by credit card, debit card, check, check by phone or money order.

We strive to limit the number of complaints and problem accounts and our collection techniques are conducive to accomplishing this. Our General Manager is available to the debtor if they feel they have a complaint.

• Skip-tracing
Locating addresses and telephone numbers for debtors is an important aspect of our business. We maintain many manual and automated tools for accomplishing this. Credit bureaus play an important role in the skip-tracing. They provide a listing of the debtor's other creditors where we may obtain additional information. Our own extensive database may provide location information. We also use other tools such as street directories, business licenses, fictitious business names and other public records.

• Refusal to pay
Some debtors simply refuse to pay their account or ignore our collection efforts. These are the most challenging accounts to collect. We must find the one thing that will motivate them to respond and pay their debts. Perhaps by locating their employer they may be persuaded to pay. This process takes time and persistence. It may require that our attorney file a lawsuit to enforce collection through garnishment or asset seizure. If a debtor is attempting to secure a loan, their credit profile reflects our derogatory entry and a lender may require that the debt be paid prior to funding. We maintain accounts on our active collection system until the statute of limitations expires.

• Legal Process
We retain the services of several attorneys to represent us in collection matters. When we determine that we have a reasonable expectation of recovery by obtaining a judgment, we will request your authorization to file suit. To assist us in making this determination, we review the credit report to determine the debtor's financial status, verify a current address to serve the debtor their summons and verify an asset to levy (usually real property, wages or bank accounts).

• Collection Information System
We operate on an integrated networking platform that runs Columbia Ultimate Business System software, the industry leader in comprehensive debt collection software. This system allows for greater efficiency and productivity in collections and recovery processes.

• Accounting and Remittance
All monies that are collected on your behalf are deposited daily in our trust account. At the end of the month we produce a monthly statement of collections. A detailed statement of the month's transactions including total collections and our fee is prepared and mailed to you. Attached to this statement, where appropriate, is a check for all monies due you.

• Fees
Our collection fees are based upon the volume of accounts assigned, the age of the accounts, the type of accounts, and the work we anticipate to successfully collect the accounts.